7 Best Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Writing down your top 5-10 company difficulties and then the top 5-10 things that motivate your clients is the greatest method to customize promotions to your business. Then you’ll need to connect the dots.

Here are seven restaurant promotion ideas to consider for your restaurant’s marketing strategy.

1. Take advantage of a large local event

Plan a promotion around a large local event, such as a sporting event, concert, or festival. This increases business and raises the exposure of your restaurant to a much bigger audience comprised of everyone attending the larger event.

You’ll effectively be riding on the marketing of that event.
For instance, give people who have a ticket to a local hockey game a 5% discount, or $5 off any purchase before a performance down the street.

2. Celebrities and Charities

Bringing in a celebrity (local or national, depending on your budget) can be costly, but we’ve had luck luring them in by promising to donate a share of the day’s revenues to a charity of their choice.

Getting a major name in the door not only attracts people into the restaurant but also shows your community that you care about a worthy cause by combining this effort with charity.

For example, from 4 to 8 p.m., have a celebrity bartend and donate all revenue from pizzas served during that period to your local fire station or food bank.

3. Vacations

Choose one of your favorite holidays and consider how your consumers would like to celebrate it. This type of promotion not only attracts more visitors, but those who do will also share, link to, and tag you in content, they share on social media.

Halloween costume contests with prizes for the best costumes, a different offering for each of the twelve days of Christmas, or a Mother’s Day trivia event are just a few examples.

4. Offerings of Loyalty

Provide a reason for your visitors to return. The trick is to set a high enough bar for a free dinner or a discount to be beneficial. Additionally, using restaurant loyalty systems to simply get your guests to opt-in is incredibly beneficial.

For example, in a coffee shop, guests can buy nine coffees and get one free, or in a pub or bar, clients can taste every beer on the menu and receive a year’s worth of beer discounts.

5. Package Deals and Fixed-Price Offers

This is one of my favorite as a data junkie because it’s based on knowing your customers and what sells and what doesn’t. Some restaurant POS systems can show you how your menu items are doing in inventory reports, which can help you plan a campaign like this.

Offer a fixed-price menu with one or two extras that someone would not normally buy, total up what the fixed-price menu would cost full-price, and discount it by 10-20%.
For instance, a set menu with a reduced price that includes an appetizer, main course, dessert, and bottle of wine, or a lunch rush hour set menu.

6. Purchase in bulk and upsell to your customers

Customers who purchase a specified number of an item you sell are entitled to a discount or a free product under this type of promotion. The goal here, like with the loyalty promotion, is to figure out how much someone usually spends on a particular item and then provide a little discount if they spend somewhat more.

For example, if you buy a $50 or more gift card, you can get $5 off your appetizer, or you can get a free beer if you buy two orders of wings.

7. Openings and Launches

This final promotion strategy revolves around running promotions in conjunction with the debut of new menu items or the opening of additional locations.

While the benefit of these new parts of your restaurant may appear evident to you, a kick-start can sometimes assist the new offering produce income more rapidly, thereby reducing any early revenue loss.

For instance, Chick-fil-a recently provided free lunch for a year to the first 100 customers who ordered at a new site. This not only drew customers into their business early, but it also generated a lot of coverage and turned the opening into a celebration.