7 Revenue Boosting Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

If you want to desire to boost the revenue of your restaurant you need to shift from a physical menu to a digital one. The digital menu is becoming very popular nowadays due to the covid-19 Pandemic among all restaurants and shops.

These are some of the benefits you can get by having a digital menu board

#1) Updating your menu boards to comply with new healthcare laws

The Digital menu boards provide a simple way for restaurants to change the information presented on their menu simple menu borads, allowing said restaurants to stay compliant with the new state, and federal, laws and regulations.

#2) Changing menu items on the go

Whether maintained manually or automatically (through integration with a point of sale, menu items can be changed with little ease. so you can have your time for the other important things that needs your attention.

#3) Testing with new menu options

Being able to update your menu in real-time also makes it easier for you to try out new menu items. you can always promote the new dishes, or lesser-known items or dishes without spending more dollars on their promotion. It is also a new way to attract new customers as well as retaining the existing ones.

#4) Upsell consistently, boosting overall sales.

Digital menu boards display a huge opportunity for upsells. The POS will automatically suggest customers buy complimentary items. Many food businesses saw an overall growth in revenue. In 2010, Burger King deployed digital menu boards across London and Birmingham locations, resulting in a 64% rise in sales in just 12 months

#5) Ease for all the customers

Menu crowded with so many options mostly confuses the customers. and the decision to make an order. This slows down ordering lines as guests struggle with sorting through their options and making a selection. with digital boards, you have the option to remove the items and dishes which are not currently available. so the customer can have better options for ordering.

#6) Eliminate errors and inefficiencies.

Manage the entire network of menu boards from anywhere with an internet connection. Eliminate employee mishaps, printing errors, shipping costs, and the other headaches of static menu boards. Monitor the health of the system, the content, and control what messages the customers are seeing all from your desk, couch, or the closest beach.

#7) Maintain Brand consistency

There’s always a risk of employees forgetting, or neglecting, to change a static poster menu board. With digital boards, restaurants can maintain brand consistency by using predefined colors, text, and images. Every restaurant brand can use the same signage to have a consistent brand image and messages to their Loyal customers.

#8) Build better connection with the community

Digital signage allows restaurants to give back. By displaying local news on their menu boards or other digital screens in the restaurant, the community will clearly see how much the owners, managers, and staff appreciate the local support.