How Restaurant Became A Globally Well-Phenomenon?

McDonald’s is a good example of franchising opportunities. The famous brand began as a humble restaurant and eventually became a global presence. Today, with its participation in 119 countries, it is considered to be one of the most successful and recognizable franchises in the world.

This is how successful today the company sells an average of 75 burgers per second.

At the Franchise Institute, we often ask ourselves how Mcdonald became so successful, and we insist that it is due to very intelligent business choices. We have mentioned here some steps they have taken which helped to achieve their success:

Their standardized menu

When you read McDonald’s, the original owners Maurice and Richard McDonalds concentrated on streamlining their cooking procedure for a considerable time and effort. The menu included hotdogs, hamburgers, cheese cups, and Pommes of potato, soft drinks, coffee, and apple pie. The offers were varied, but the brothers wanted to simplify the menu.

They removed hot dogs, potato chips, and pasta and substituted fried and milkshakes for them. The fries and shakes, which make them very popular, were easier to produce and eat. In essence, while it was not their original intention to franchise your restaurant, they made a franchise-worthy menu. It worked for them and contributed to their success with the standardized system they developed.

Line kitchen assembly

The McDonald brothers have developed an assembly line system that has become essential for every restaurant. At the time it was uncommon and it allowed franchise industries, regardless of their location, to produce a consistent product. This mounting line worked well on the modified menu, as all the recipes had to be executed, learned, and mounted quickly. After six decades, this was a winning formulation that works even now.

Formula Fast Food

McDonald’s original purpose was to set up a facility where people can buy and go. The entire restaurant was intended to prevent people from lingering in the early days; angled seats were installed, to position them close to the food and socialization decelerated the placement of chairs. This led to more clients entering and leaving the doors, which also brought more business. McDonald’s was, of course, more profitable than other restaurants because it only got more business.


McDonald’s was also very interested in creating a strong brand. The first official store looked attractive and attractive. Thanks to the ceramic red and tiles, all surfaces were bright and pure. The counters were bright metal and glass had white, yellow, red, and green Neon Lights throughout the establishment. On top was the famous Golden Arches, synonymous with the McDonalds brand over the years.


While these initial measures helped McDonald’s spread across the United States, it was a challenge to become a global force. That’s why McDonald’s strength came because he was adaptable to other countries and cultures by exploring and changing his menu subtly. The combination of the above four points and adjustments helped Mcdonald’s to become today’s global phenomenon.


Fast food is popular because of its fast choices, cheap food, consistency, and taste. People around the world seem to enjoy fast food.

The world’s leading restaurants in the food industry are the world’s top players. They have thrived and will continue to thrive for many years, despite trends towards healthier alternatives.

You can find a fast-food franchise in most countries around the world that meets your requirements and provides easy, cheap, and delicious food.

What’s your favourite restaurant in the chain? We would love to hear about your top chain restaurant experience.