How to get more people to use home delivery ??

We have entered in 2020 and the food delivery business market is growing faster than a beanstalk. If we look at 5 years back, the scenario of food delivery business development and marketing was different as it was a bit easy to food delivery business solutions and to reach the end-users due to the less competition. But today, This huge food delivery industry keeps on growing daily, and there is no end in sight. The food delivery businesses have many options available and to launch a new app and get the attention of the audience is challenging now.

The standard of living has changed and so has the lifestyle. This indeed has created a space for new needs and facilities.

People these days, find it difficult to manage their life. Even shopping for daily household items such as groceries, food, etc. is a big burden.

According to Forbes, by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be comprised of millennials who have grown up with the internet and smartphones.

Generation Z is catching at a rapid pace, which is born with an iPad in their hand, so to say.

  1. Here are a few ways to grow your food delivery services business once launched:

Local Listing Pages

If you haven’t already claimed your local business listing on Google, Bing and various other local directories then you are missing out on potential website visitors, phone calls and physical location visits.

There are several free listings that can help your business gain online exposure, so make sure you take advantage of these. Moz Local is a great tool that can help you identify, manage and audit your local listings.

Here are a few to help you get started:

Google My Business

Bing Places for Business

Build an Email Marketing List

Building a highly targeted email list of potential customers as well as current customers allows you to keep them updated on current sales, promotions and just general information about your business.

It is important that your brand remains on their radar so when they are ready to purchase you are the first business to come to mind.

Create a simple opt-in offer on your website and offer something of value such as exclusive early bird notifications or a special savings coupon.

To capture emails at a physical business location include a tri-fold with a QR code at your register that your customers can scan with their mobile device to take advantage of your offer.

Create Relationship with Local Media

PR and SEO go hand-in-hand, so any time you can get the media exposure you have the potential to attract new website visitors as well as earn high-quality links to your website. Reaching out to local TV stations and online news publications and introducing yourself is a great start.

Once the connection is established to let them know that you would be happy to provide insight regarding your industry if they ever needed it.

You will be surprised at how many of these introductions will result in media contacts that will reach out looking for your expert input on a frequent basis.

Content Marketing is the future

Content Marketing can be a remarkable way to draw potential consumers on a set budget.

If you concentrate on crafting extremely informational content that is beneficial than what is already out, you can showcase your expertise in a specific sector that will immediately appeal to your target audience. You can generate a lot of organic traffic by fully leveraging the power of content marketing.

Social Media Is Powerful

To create a true and lasting brand experience, focus on content highlights of your personality, brand and unique selling proposition. Being active on social media allows you to connect to a new audience and introduce them to your brand.

Think of social media as a tool to help potential customers get to know what your business offers.

Create compelling social content, create videos, showcase your services, add testimonials, interview thought leaders in your industry and increase the value of both your business and personal brand.

Create A Blog

Blogging on a regular basis can help to build your online authority and improve your organic reach in the search results. It also gives your visitors content to engage with when they land on your website. Since you are extremely familiar with your business you should be able to easily come up with topics that will interest your potential customers.

Guest posting is another great option to feature your content on some existing popular mediums and get in front of thousands of potential customers.

2) Create an On-Demand Solution for Your food delivery Business.

The On-Demand Services industry is hot. The success of platforms like Instagram, UrbanClap, and Helpline has proven that the service industry is very scalable and can be practiced in almost any area of business.

In the coming years, we’re proceeding to see enormous innovation in this area. There’s no better time to start your on-demand services business.

On-demand services are providing convenient solutions for increasing business revenues and providing outclass experience to customers. It helps in fixing problems of carpentry, house cleanliness, home appliances, and all other household problems.

The market growth for the on-demand services business has just begun.

Some established names in it include TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, and Handyman, Soothe, Drizly, Postmates, etc All these apps are gradually gaining momentum, and they wish to become successful like Uber.

3) Create A Microsite

Creating a microsite helps you to do food delivery business marketing beyond the app store and implement Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques. You can showcase your business to a wide audience with the help of a microsite.

4) Check your Analytics Regularly

New Customer

User acquisition is important to validate your marketing efforts. The number of new users will indicate the growth of your business. It also shows the relevant interest of the users in your services and other offerings.

Retention Rate

Retention measures how several users come back to your business following their initial inquiries. Since there’s increased opportunity for your business to be prosperous when users stick with the services you offer, retention is one of the more valuable metrics.

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

The Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is the income generated (on average) by each live person practicing with your business. This is a very comparable metric to Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA), commonly used for SaaS models.

Reviews & Feedback

Reviews have a big impact on your app. It’s the feedback received by your users and spreads as a word of mouth. It’s vital to keep your reviews positive because 4 out of 10 app users believe of app store reviews.


By following the methods outlined above, you should have a successful market for your food delivery business. Hitting of few speed bumps along the way is normal and it won’t be anything that you can’t overcome. You should be familiar with the best practices for the app store that you’re planning to launch on. Come up with a really good idea and your target audience should be clearly defined. Don’t ever skip testing before you release your food delivery business. Start your food delivery business marketing before the official launch date.

Now get out there and do it.

“Over the last decade, I’ve launched many apps and SaaS platforms for entrepreneurs and early-stage startups who’ve gone ahead and made hundreds and millions of dollars using these platforms. If you have an app idea and not sure where to start, I can help. Feel free to connect with contact details in my profile.”