iMenu the first digital menu with rewards and crypto payments

Starting with 2016, we are the first digital menu that implemented a QR code menu, and now is time for blockchain innovations.

Reflecto crypto token introduction

We want to introduce you to a new revolutionary token, Reflecto.

Reflecto is working on an autonomous frictionless yield farming and liquidity generation protocol, just by holding Reflecto holders getting USD and other tokens rewards.

Reflecto supports meta transactions which means holders will be able to send transactions without holding BNB.

For more information about Reflecto, check their website

The project is still in the early phase, and you can become an early investor. Visit Reflecto’s Telegram group for more info

What innovation will Reflecto bring to iMenu?

We will become the first digital menu that will support crypto payments; additionally, because of how Reflecto works, holders of Reflecto will get rewards just by holding it inside the iMenu Wallet.

Just imagine paying for a meal with rewards that you collected just by holding Reflecto tokens.

Another innovative thing is that we will integrate gasless transactions.

As you know, many blockchain wallets today need to hold native currency to make transactions (BNB, ETH, MATIC…). Still, with Reflecto’s unique functionality of meta transactions, we will eliminate it and use only Reflecto for payments.

More pieces of information will come soon as our integration progress.