iMenu – The Smart Waiter App

What are Waiter Apps?

With the massive advancements in technology in the past decade, humans have been wanting every aspect of their lives to be simple and convenient. Food is the most important one, isn’t it? So why shouldn’t it be simple! The lateness of food at restaurants is a very annoying experience. In addition, waiting for the waiters to come and take orders, and the conventional pen-and-paper method frustrates customers. Customers want it as simple as a touch on a screen, and this inspired developers to build waiter apps. Waiter Apps are innovative smartphone applications for restaurants, such as iMenu.


There are several waiter apps available across the web which are compatible with our Digital Ordering System ( One of the examples is iMenu, which is a top-rated virtual waiter which is available for both Android and iOS devices. iMenu has a decent and user-friendly interface which is easy and convenient to use. It allows customers to scan QR codes to access the menu with ease. After scanning the code, the app will show you all the available items with brief descriptions and prices. Once you have made an order, the chefs will receive it on their tablets installed in the kitchen. This will save you time and the hassle of dealing with a conventional waiter and their old-fashioned pen and paper method.

The Smart Waiter App
iMenu Interface

In addition, iMenu also provides you constant updates regarding the progress of your order and make last minute orders instantly without having to summon anyone. iMenu also offers the Loyalty Program, through which, you can earn enormous discounts from time to time.

Last, but not least, comes the home delivery service. iMenu allows its users to make orders from anywhere at any time. The ordered food is packed properly to avoid distortion and heat-loss, and is delivered within the stated period of time.

Following is the link for the app:

Android The Smart Waiter App

IOS The Smart Waiter App

Web The Smart Waiter App