Restaurant self-ordering system

eMenu and Self-Ordering System

With an eMenu and self-ordering system, customers can use a self-service in the restaurant driveway or a self-ordering terminal at a table to access the restaurant menu and order a meal. This ensures prompt order processing at peak times, improves the overall service speed, and reduces wait times to ultimately increase customer satisfaction. The system can also be integrated with remote management software to provide a web-based digital signage management platform. Managers can use this platform to edit and dispatch interactive advertisements and to configure content delivery schedules for targeting specific customers at certain times. For example, the eMenu and self-ordering system can be configured to display discount information outside of meal times to attract customers and increase purchases.

Key Features

eMenu Board System

  • Dynamic Eye-Catching Content Boosts Sales –
    Compared to conventional menus, menu boards provide more attractive, detailed, and interactive information in real-time, enhancing customers’ overall experience.
  • Convenient Remote Content Management –
    Using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, managers can create dynamic visually appealing menus, schedule promotions, change prices, and/or promote limited-time offers remotely to over 500 client devices/players.

In-Store Promotions

  • Automatic Promotion –
    menu boards and self-ordering systems can be integrated with digital signage management software and configured to automatically play interactive product advertisements that attract customer attention.
  • Remote Management of Promotional Content –
    With the inclusion of digital signage management software, managers can use an online interface to remotely edit, dispatch, and schedule promotional content for display at specific times.

Self-Ordering System

  • Self-Ordering Service –
    Customers can use the system to submit food orders autonomously. This allows businesses to manage orders easily and reduces customer wait times.

Drive Through Service –
menus and self-service kiosks can be installed in the restaurant driveway to allow customers to place orders themselves. This can improve service speeds and reduce wait times to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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