What is IMENU? Here’s what you need to know about us

Imenu is a food delivery service, similar to competitors like Postmates, GrubHub, Doordash, and uber eats.
Our foodservice acts as the middleman between you and other restaurants, taking out from local and chain restaurants and dropping it right at your door.

Online internet ment
Digital internet Menu

To use the internet menu, you can place an order using the imenu website, or at the app for IOS, or for Android. Doesn’t matter which method you use, the process of ordering on the imenu is relatively the same and simple. Select the restaurant and choose the dishes you want to order, then check out.

How to order food using Imenu

The service is easy to use and to navigate. Also has many features that you should be aware of to get a smooth, food-ordering process

  • Your login information is the same as your imenu account, so if you’re already our customer. you can log into the imenu website or the app in the same way.
  • If you are using our site to order you can see the “Menu” Button where you can see all the different menu options ready to be delivered.
  • you can also use the “Delivery” button and enter your phone number for Delivery.
  • Signup is also very simple just click “Get Started” and enter your business credentials and start your journey with us.
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Imenu Benefits and Features and Benefits

  • Order on the spot from a wide range of restaurants using any device using our app or via our website.
  • Order quickly while in your hotel room without having to leave your room and order from the comfort of your couch
  • Automatically get food recommendations based on previous orders.
  • Highlighting the most popular dishes you may like to order.
  • Calling the waiter is just a click away using the app.
  • Create a new menu on the go, change or create new ones without worrying about paper costs, etc.
  • Generate branded QR codes which restaurant’s guest can use to access the menu.
  • Create separate orders for the kitchen, bar, and managers.
  • Supports for multiple currencies is available
  • Block other devices — an ability given to restaurant admin and managers
  • Use application with tablets that are already on the table