Why Digital menu is must-have for restaurants

The whole world has gone to a standstill due to the covid 19 Pandemic. The individuals affected by the Corona Virus show symptoms such as dry cough, high temperature, fatigue, and difficulty in breathing (in rare cases).

Many countries have declared a lockdown to encourage social distancing and minimize physical contact among citizens. Besides, the governments are also promoting citizens to ensure proper hygiene by following these steps.

Every big and small Restaurants are looking for ways to offer their customers a touch and hassle-free experience. And a popular contactless technology to use is QR-codes (shorthand for Quick Response codes). QR-codes is not a new thing in 21st century, but it has gotten a revival due to COVID-19

Digital menus in Covid Era

A QR code works the same way as the bar code does at the supermarket, but you use your smartphone to scan the QR code in the latter case. When your smartphone or other mobile devices scans the code, it translates the related information into a link that leads to a website page or a PDF document. This technology is straightforward to use and opens up many opportunities for any business.

Researches have shown that coronavirus can survive on the surface of different materials for 2-3 days. To avoid the spreading of coronavirus via your general physical menus, the best way is the use QR-codes and direct your customers to a digital menu on a website. You have already seen these at nearby restaurants already printed QR-codes present on tables.

For example.There are many other ways you can also do this, so it’s not limited to the fast-food restaurants and works fine for dining places.

Another benefit of having a QR menu is that you can edit or change your menu on the go. The changes are made instantly and live. Digital menus will probably be the new normal and a good starting point for new restaurants to start their digital journey.If you haven’t investigated this option, you should now.

Hassle free order and payment using QR-codes

In addition to having digital menus, you can offer online ordering and payment via QR-codes as well. We believe that your customers may very soon request you the possibility to order online and will not see the menu options available online. It makes it even safer and more comfortable for your customers to order and pay for their food online using their smartphone instead of touching a payment terminal or using hand cash.

Online ordering can now be used to complement your restaurant or utilized in the whole restaurant menu. We now have many customers using digital orders and payments in their outdoor seating areas or bars. Some restaurant owners were thinking their customers would not like the new order, but it has been received very well across all generations.

Restaurants also can provide online service and regular physical service to get the best of two worlds. For example, your precious customers have the option to look at your digital menu and order from a waiter and then pay by scanning a QR-code on the receipt when they are ready to order. There are many different ways you can suit your service using QR-codes and new technology.

Convenient to use

A primary driver behind the QR-codes’ popularity is the fact that it’s so easy. Most smartphones have a QR-code reader built into the camera. You only have to open the camera and hold it in front of the QR-code, so the code is clearly visible, and you will be linked to your digital destination. It can’t be much easier than that

Additional revenue streams

Restaurant owners can now promote their related brand merchandise and menus via QR-codes to create an additional revenue stream. You can use it in the same way as you do for your online ordering of food, but instead, you display the products you have for sale.

Finding new revenue streams is a lot for many restaurants since the revenue in general for restaurants has decreased substantially due to the coronavirus, social distancing rules, and lockdowns.

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